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Prism is the easiest way to automate how you collect and surface customer insights using conversational surveys, polls, screencasts and live interviews.

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Your friendly user research assistant

Turn user research from a time-sink into a strategic advantage that is highly efficient & scalable.

  • Saves time

    Spend more of your time building product instead of tracking down customers to talk to with your team. Prism customers reduce their internal research hours by more than 90%.

  • Scales effortlessly

    With Prism's scalable and effective recruitment & interviewing process, you can get feedback from your target audience no matter how hard to reach, even the silent majority you aren't hearing from.

  • Human Touch

    With Prism Pro you can have one of our dedicated research pro's manage the nitty gritty of your research for you, from scheduling, interviewing to note taking and reward management.

How it works

1) Choose your target

Just define your audience segment using one of our integrations or we'll recruit a target audience for you.
See more here.

2) Select response format

Select a format to collect feedback in, either via text, video/screencast or live interview. See more here.

3) Collect & share insights

After customer feedback is collected, results will be hosted privately for you to analyze & share with teammates.

Great companies start with "why"

Prism is built for busy marketing, product & design teams looking to answer their biggest questions.

  • Why do customers leave?

    Conduct moderated remote interviews with your past customers to understand what went wrong.

  • Why do visitors bounce?

    Get recorded screencasts of your website or app first-time user experience from your target audience.

  • Why isn't our pricing right?

    Get feedback on your product pricing page to see what price points resonate with past, present & future buyers.

  • What do competitors offer?

    Go behind enemy lines to uncover what new products and features of your competitors are striking a chord with customers.

  • What do customers prefer?

    Test multiple versions of your site or app with different groups of users to figure out which one resonates more strongly with customers.

  • What message resonates?

    Test new landing page or app store listing messaging to uncover user comprehension & understanding to supplement a/b tests.

Get candid feedback in three conversational formats.

When wanted to optimize their on-boarding they used prism to capture the full experience. Great for:

  • Testing On-boarding
  • Usability tests
  • Functional tests

See more examples →

Capture responses via conversational style text forms. Great for:

  • Quick feedback
  • Initial impressions
  • Preference tests

See more examples →


Live interviews can help get you insights hidden below the surface that surveys alone can't. Great for:

  • Customer Exit Interviews
  • Market Research
  • Pricing sensitivity studies

See more examples →


Ask your own audience, or let us find them.

We can recruit nearly any target customer for you. See examples.

  • Bring your own audience.


    Using Email & Webhooks Integrations

  • Recruit a new target audience.

    from $5/each

    From Our Network

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"Prism is like an x-ray machine for our customer experience."

"Using Prism has enabled us to get to ground truth faster."

TJ Ross, Director Innovation @ STRV