Market Research

Easily recruit qualified users from your audience or ours to give their honest feedback on your app, website or new product concept.

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How it works

1) Create a campaign

Once you set up a campaign you'll be prompted to add the test instructions that will be sent out to your testers with a link to your app, website or prototype.

2) Distribute your test

We'll distribute your test campaign to our network of testers or to your current users to collect their feedback through text, video or live screenshare formats.

3) You get insights

After your test campaign is completed, the results will be hosted privately in our project center where you can access it at anytime and share with colleagues.

We help businesses make faster, better decisions with user feedback

Prism is built for busy Marketing, Product & Design teams, who are looking to improve decision making and automate their feedback collection process.

  • Research

    Our research tools help marketing & design teams to deeply understand their target users. From consumer research all the way to prototype testing, we provide a comprehensive solution to help you understand your user's needs.

  • Optimize

    Optimizing conversion funnels require customers are acquired and retained effectively. Prism supports testing messaging and flows at every step of the funnel from ad copy all the way through each step of the product journey.

  • Test

    Our broad network of testers allows us to find study particpants that match your tester requirements. Across industries, we’ve successfully helped product, design & dev teams get contextual usability feedback from real users in the wild.

Get candid feedback in three different formats

Prism works with almost any app, website or prototype on any device and response formats include text, video or live screenshare.

Any.Do Android App

What was tested:

  • App-store Page
  • On-boarding flow
  • App functionality

Mobile Game Prototype

What was tested:

  • App-store messaging
  • Onboarding
  • Gameplay

Archery King PlayTest

What was tested:

  • Onboarding flow
  • Basic functionality
  • Overall sentiment
Archery King

Pricing Plans

All packages support iOS, Android, and Web apps at any development stage (alpha, beta, live etc).

Unused credits are good for up to 12 months. Quality results guarenteed.

Annually Save 25%


from /mo

( Includes test credits )

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel at anytime?

Sure! You can cancel/upgrade or downgrade your account at any time if you are not 100% happpy with the service.

What if I’m not happy with one of the testers?

We’ll send you a new test for no added cost. Just contact us to let us know and we'll find a new tester for you.

What if I need more credits than is included?

You can always purchase additional credits a-la-carte. You can also upgrade or downgrade at anytime.

What happens to my videos if I cancel my plan?

You can always watch, download or share your videos – even after you’ve canceled or paused your subscription.

Who will be testing my product from the test network?

Your product will by tested by users that match your persona. All our testers know how to stay on task and give you clear and concise feedback on your app, website, or prototype.

What If I have a specific test audience?

We can accomodate all kinds of requests for specific testers, e.g: Mom's in the Midwest who use Craigslist. Typical cost for these videos is 2-3x the standard price.

Recruit participants from our tester network.

Our community of testers come from all over the world and from many different backgrounds, interests groups and own many devices.

Interested applying to become a tester? Click here to apply.

Our Community of Testers

Prism is compatible on each of these platforms

  • iOS

    SDK Required
    for recording

  • Android

    No SDK Required
    for recording

  • Web

    Mobile & Desktop
    No Coding

  • Messenger

    Coming soon!