Understand why
visitors bounce.

Prism helps you get real answers
from your target audience to better understand why they leave.

Plans start at $149/mo. No integration required!


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How it works

1) Define your audience

Just specify your past, current or target audience and we'll recruit the right particpants for you.

2) Choose a format

Select a format to collect feedback in, either text/image, video or live interview.

3) Collect insights

After your project is completed, results will be hosted privately for you to share with others.

What makes Prism different?

  • Recruit only your target audience to respond ensures you get the most authentic and actionable feedback.

  • Seamlessly integrates into your existing marketing and product workflows to save you time.

  • No need for coding or developers. Create your research campaigns directly from your Prism dashboard.

How you can use Prism

Prism is built for busy Marketing, Product & Design teams that are looking for answers to their most burning questions.

  • Customer Exit Interviews

    We'll conduct moderated remote interviews with your past customers to understand what went wrong.

  • Initial Impressions

    Get recorded screencasts of your website or app first-time user experience from your target audience.

  • Pricing Sensitivity Test

    Get feedback on your product pricing page to see what price points resonate with past, present & future buyers.

Get candid feedback in three different formats

Text/Image/Video, Screen Recording and Live Interview Formats

Screen Recording

What was tested:

  • App-store Page
  • On-boarding flow
  • App functionality

Text Conversation

What was tested:

  • Customer Sentiment
  • Customer History
  • Pricing sensitivity

Live Interview

What was tested:

  • Customer Sentiment
  • Customer History
  • Pricing sensitivity

Pricing Plans

Our plans are simple, straightforward and designed to scale. Prices are for your audience, recruitment and reward/incentives are extra.

See pricing calculator


from $149 /mo

Each plan includes:

  • Optional Amazon Rewards
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Invite Up to 3 Teammates


from $299 /mo

Everything in starter +

  • Optional Amazon Rewards
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Invite Up to 10 Teammates


from $599 /mo

Everything in pro +

  • API Integration
  • Customer Support
  • Invite Unlimited Teammates


Contact Us

Everything in scale +

  • Project design assistance
  • Recruiting Manager
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support

Get started free

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Ask your own audience, or let us find them...

  • Free

    Bring your own current or past audience.

  • from $2.5/each

    We will recruit target audience members for you.

Need help recruiting? We can reach nearly any B2C or B2B persona for you.

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Our Community of Testers

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel at anytime?

Sure! You can upgrade/downgrade or cancel your account at any time if you are not 100% happpy with our service.

What if I’m not happy with some of the responses?

If you aren't completely happy with the feedback in some of the responses we will replace them.

What if I need more credits than are included?

In order to get more credits in a given month you will need to upgrade your plan.

What happens to my results if I cancel my plan?

You can always watch, download or share your prisms – even after you’ve canceled or paused your subscription.

Can I also get responses from new users to my app/site?

Sure! We can source participants for you that fit your target audience profile.

What If I have a specific audience i'd like feedback from?

We can accomodate all kinds of requests for specific groups of testers, e.g: Director's of Marketing. Typical recruitment costs for these run 2-3x.

We Developers

We believe that good customer experience is rooted in code. Because of that. Prism plays nice on the platforms you'd expect it to (and some you wouldn't). So you can integrate Prism into your website/app in a few lines of code



curl -XPOST \ https://api.prism.io/subscriptions/nsub_PROJECTID \

const prism = await prism.request.create({
  email: email@gmail.com,
  medium: email

  • iOS

    SDK Required
    for recording

  • Android

    No SDK Required
    for recording

  • Web

    Mobile & Desktop
    No Coding

  • Messenger

    Mobile + Web.
    Coming soon!